TIFFANY & Co. - Moscow - Exa General Contractor


We have realized the prestigious American jewelry brand store in Petrovka Street, one of the most know luxury shopping streets in Moscow.

total surface
430 sqm
Luxury Retail
TIFFANY & Co. - Moscow - Exa General Contractor_1
430 square meters on 2 floors. We worked both on the structure and on the architectural details of this listed historical building: from the inner facades stone cladding and the new windows, reproducing the existing ones of the oldest Mall in Moscow, the "Petrovsky Passage", to the wooden and iron handrail and the plaster moulds and trims. The hardest challenge: the new spiral staircase which was built completely from scratch, up to the final finishes with curved marble cladding.

With attention, precision and competence EXA worked side by side with the Mall's team according to the complex local requirements in terms of historical buildings.

Project summary

Brand Tiffany&Co.
Location MOSCOW - Petrovka Street, 10
Year 2017
Designer CallisonRTKL Architect P.C. - New York
Local Architect GRUSCHWITZ GmbH - Moscow