ILLUM - Copenaghen - Exa General Contractor


We renovated the 5,600 square-meter Women's department of the ILLUM mega store without ever stopping any sales activity.

total surface
5,600 sqm
Exclusive Dept. Store
ILLUM - Copenaghen - Exa General Contractor_1
Works were performed at night, while carrying on quiet and discrete activities during the day, keeping a fully functional machine. At first, 45 temporary spaces were created so that none of the brands would have to close even for a minute, while 36 shop in shops were set up and stores moved to their final location, all in 4 nights.

We carried out the works without interruption, 24/7.
The most often heard word during this project was "coffee!".

Project summary

Brand Illum
Location COPENHAGEN - Østergade, 52
Year 2015
Designer Old Atrium: Arch. Claudio Silvestrin - London / Second Floor: Storage Associati - Milan
Local Architect Ole Bentsen Zacho - Øllgard