CHRISTIAN DIOR - Geneva - Exa General Contractor


EXA managed the extension of the existing shop in Rue du Rhône, the main artery of Geneva’s shopping area.

total surface
2,500 sqm
Luxury Retail
CHRISTIAN DIOR - Geneva - Exa General Contractor_1
An elegant boutique unwinding on three levels. Prestigious finishes, complex suspended mirror ceilings, Swarovski crystals constellations. The curved stairs were the most peculiar architectural feature, with a complex wrought iron parapet and plaster frames entirely handmade on site, everything surrounded by full-height screens.

Several pieces of artwork installed by highly qualified personnel completed the boutique, making it unique in its own way.

Project summary

Brand Christian Dior
Location GENEVA - Rue du Rhone, 60
Year 2013
Designer MBA/S Matthias Bauer Associates - Stuttgart
Local Architect Architech SA - Geneva