TIFFANY & Co. - Rome - Exa General Contractor

TIFFANY & Co. - Rome

We have brought the prestigious American jewelry brand to Via Condotti, one of the most know luxury shopping streets in Rome and in the world.

total surface
550 sqm
Luxury Retail
TIFFANY & Co. - Rome - Exa General Contractor_1
550 square meters on 4 floors. The hardest challenge: the structural works and demolitions that involved the entire building. From the structure to the details:  the special flooring pattern reproducing the one of the famous Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome; the wooden and iron handrail; the double skylights; the vaulted room decorated with Venetian plaster; the entrance door handle made on site. 

Our attention, precision and competence to make the perfect showcase for Tiffany’s jewelry collections.

Project summary

Brand Tiffany&Co.
Location ROME - Via dei Condotti, 55
Year 2016
Designer TIFFANY&Co. - New York
Local Architect SPI Società Progettazioni Integrali Srl - Milan
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