Dolce & Gabbana


DOLCE & GABBANA - San Francisco - Exa General Contractor


A building of great historical and architectural value was waiting for us on Grant Avenue in San Francisco

total surface
800 sqm
Luxury Retail
DOLCE & GABBANA - San Francisco - Exa General Contractor_1

800 square meters on three levels that required considerable demolition and structural reconstruction, preserving the historic building and complying to the seismic codes - given the very high and constant risk of earthquakes to which the area is exposed. There was only one thing to do: work closely with specialists and advisors, in order to find ad hoc solutions and combine regulations and design. 

The very tight schedule was pressing.

The outcome: schedules respected, great difficult, great satisfaction.

Project summary

Brand Dolce & Gabbana
Location SAN FRANCISCO - 100, Grant Avenue
Year 2015
Designer Dolce&Gabbana - Stores and Properties Dept. - Italy
Local Architect CSA Architects - Woodland Hills - California
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